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Getting Started: Guide for having you own website

Whatever your business goals might be, if you want to prosper in today's fast paced, competetive market, you need a website. Establishing an internet presence for your business is very important.
This article is written in a format to answer common questions about owning a website.

If you ask a designer how much a website is going to cost for you, the usual answer is “It depends”! Designers are very non-committal when it comes to discussing the cost of website design. There is also confusion about what is included in the price quoted by the designer.

For example, by far the most common first question we are asked is, "how much does it cost to own a website?" Therefore this document starts with showing the actual cost involved in having a website.

  1. Total cost of owning a website
    This article will give you overall idea about the total cost involved in having a static website built from scratch.

  2. Basic information to know before owning a website

  3. Ask the right questions to your Web Designer

  4. Common mistakes & mis-conceptions



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